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thunder and fire

Updated: Jul 10, 2019

An excerpt from The I CHING an ancient Chinese Oracle Book.

A moment of great influence is at hand. Prepare wisely and act accordingly.

FENG (Abundance / Fullness)

The image of the hexagram Feng is that of thunder and lighting filling the sky. It signifies a period of tremendous power which, like all moments only last for a time. Here we are instructed how to know when the moment is ripe and what to do when it is not.

Our influence in the world naturally ebbs and flows. At one moment others are full of mistrust, and forward movement is impossible. In the next, by steadfastly clinging to what is true and good, we reawaken their receptivity and growth can take place. Only by carefully observing these cycles – these openings and closings of others to our influence – can we achieve greatness. To do this, we must cultivate an attitude of independent watchfulness. In this state of quiet observation we open our hearts to the aid of the Sage, who in turn opens our eyes to what is possible and what is not. This clarity enables us to move with strength and grace when the time is right, and in this we achieve abundance.

Feng also advises us that influence cannot last forever; as the sun rises, so must it set. When receptivity gives way to mistrust and our influence begins to wane, we ought not struggle to fortify or prolong it. Modesty and detachment require that we accept the turning of the tide. By letting go of the passing moment and entering the next with a correct and balanced attitude, we save ourselves for a more beneficial time.

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