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you're invited!

To show up and shine just as you are. 

To take up space. 

To rest and connect... 

with your inner rhythms and intuitive guides... As above, so below.

Not feeling the spiritual mumbo jumbo? Ok then you are invited to connect with your breath, your nervous system. To regulate your body and mind so that you may live more fully, happily and "in-tune" with your creative life force. You are an instrument after all, a vessel, a masterpiece! I'm just here to remind you and set the space to celebrate and honor all that you are in this moment! Just like the moon we go through phases of fullness and darkness. All are welcome here, all have a message to share. If we just take the time to listen.

Please join me in this new series of live virtual events - in tune with the moon - I am honored to serve you on this path of spiritual awakening and creative cultivation! RSVP below to learn more and join the party!!!

With love and gratitude, 

~ A

No events at the moment
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