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Creative Day

Updated: Jul 10, 2019

Each day there is a magical time where we can access pure possibility. That time is the morning, when the sun climbs up in the eastern sky, each day, we feel restored and rejuvenated.

In the morning, the day is but a spark of potentiality. If we really pause and listen, we can feel the quiet rumble of the entire earth, like a sleeping giant coming to life with the new day. As we sit here in the quiet stillness, let us open our heart to the marvel about to unravel before us. Let us embark on a brand new day with beginners mind. See the world with fresh eyes.

What does it mean to see the world with fresh eyes? It means asking ourselves, what wonderful and unexpected things might happen today. Let us embrace this day with gratitude as today is another day to discover and learn. To live, breathe, imagine, create, care, love. Soar into the day with a sense of purpose and service asking; What contribution will I make today? What qualities do I want to move into the day with?

In this moment of possibility, before the momentum of the day is swung into motion, hold these intentions in your heart and let yourself breath in the openness on the morning sky.

We are born in one day.

We die in one day.

We can change in one day.

We can fall in love in just one day.

Anything can happen in just one day.

What will you create today?

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